We bring Extreme
efficiency to
Extreme Biology

We’re putting an end to sluggish, costly bio-tech research with unique technology, extreme environments and highly reproducible data.

Go from
discovery to
scale up

Choose from individual services, or enlist us as end-to-end research partners helping turn hypotheses into solutions.

In silico discovery

Virtually simulate experiments and predict results in different conditions using our software based on real world data.

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Minimise costs 10x

Avoid running unsuccessful experiments by quickly validating multiple hypotheses in simulation

Run refined tests

Strategically guide the next stage of testing with reliable insights from our predictive software

In Lab Validation

Validate large quantities of tests in sophisticated, simulated environments using cutting-edge 3D bioreactors and stackable modular technology.

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Improved discovery success rate

Optimize experiments using highly reproducible data from previous tests

Rapid testing & results

Test up to 384 samples and optimize in just a few hours or days

Plug and play technology

Compatible with most used culture flasks and sample holders and fits custom assay requirements

Wet Lab productions

We’ll work as connectors to help manufacture your most successful experiments at an industrial level.

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In house capabilities

For small-scale production of e.g. biomaterials and cell and microbial lines

Large scale manufacturing

Facilitate with our network of partners for production of larger quantities

in space
(coming 2025)

Run discoveries in space with paired access to launch providers and tools to monitor experiments from Earth.

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Seamless launch process

We’ll facilitate communication with partners to ensure you meet mission goals and scheduling constraints

Highly reproducible data

Access leading research instruments to conduct and capture reproducible data

Guided expertise

Receive specialized support and guidance throughout the planning, execution, and post-launch phases of the mission

Data Sharing

We work on BioSNARKs, a real-time library of reproducible research data proofs to enable faster turnaround times for inter-institution collaboration and commercialization.

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Turbocharged discovery

Tap into key research projects’ reliable data collected via Litegrav’s or other’s  platform and optimize every stage of your scientific process

Secure & trusted network

All data is protected using Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology to rapidly disclose efficacy of e.g. biopharma research discoveries without exposing sensible information

100s of

Drug discovery

Our mission

We are a group of tech and bio scientists on a quest to ‘unlag’ the world of life and material science research.

By providing high quality experiments and data, we are committed to helping researchers lead ground breaking discoveries, re-accelerate R&D and continue with creating solutions across all life sciences.